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Sarah & Johathan wedding 11/08/2014Benton City, WA
Scellick family 10/28/2014Yakima, WA
Chacen's senior pictures 10/28/2014Yakima, WA
Kate & Jared 10/26/2014Yakima, WA
MMP Christmas cards 2014 10/26/2014Yakima, WA
Tanya, Josh & family 10/26/2014Yakima, WA
Robert, Hudson & Hadlock family 10/25/2014Yakima, WA
Kailey, Tyler & family 10/24/2014Yakima, WA
Cunningham family 10/23/2014Yakima, WA
Robert family 10/23/2014Yakima, WA
Heeringa family 10/21/2014Yakima, WA
Jaime & Matt wedding 10/18/2014Yakima, WA
Laura & Roberto wedding 10/18/2014Ellensburg, WA
Tanner's senior pictures 10/17/2014Yakima, WA
Bailey's senior pictures 10/15/2014Yakima, WA
Marit & Craig engagement 10/10/2014Yakima, WA
Wyatt's senior pictures 10/10/2014Yakima, WA
Ashley's senior pictures 10/08/2014Yakima, WA
Wilson family 10/07/2014Yakima, WA
Katy & Andrew engagement 10/05/2014Yakima, WA
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